Mikang Chinese Cresteds

You don't have to be mad to own one, but it helps!

Links to like-minded people:


Jackie gave me my break into this exciting breed


Debbie and Mike are two of the most caring people I know, breeding only when they want a puppy, not when fashion dictates. The temperaments of their dogs are such that should I ever want a big dog again, I would have no hesitation in placing an order for a puppy


Bless her socks, Sam has the patience of a saint, no small feat when faced with my minpins!


Donna and Paul are two of the nicest people I have met, who have a genuine love for their "boys", and who has the nicest Mom as a dogsitter!


Carol and Jo Lewis breed and show their Cavaliers and King Charles Spaniels, taking the responsibilities of maintaining the health standards and breed ethics very seriously. I am proud that they trust me to show their "kids" alongside them, and we enjoy lots of happy ringside picnics!





I am a committee member of the above club, we are helpful fun and above all place the welfare of the dogs above all else